How to add a track

Hi all, I am having trouble adding the track to my phone (eastern creek, Australia) i have just downloaded race chrono to my phone with no trouble, but when i down load the track to my phone it is in a folder that i carnt put into race chrono.
If any one could help it would be much apreciated.


  • Did you try to download it from RaceChrono it self? "Track profiles > Download new" ?
  • I down loaded it here off race chrono and saved it to my computer as a bin file and then sent it to my phone from the computer, it sent it through as a text message but i carnt put it into the race chrone program on the phone, is there any alternative ways my phone doesnt have a memory card.

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    Any reason why you did not download it directly from the phone's RaceChrono? It will go automatically to right folder when you do it like that. If you do not have data available from your phone, you need to know which folder it goes when you transfer it to the phone, and then copy it to \RaceChrono\Tracks\ .
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