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Hi I have been testing your software for a couple of weeks and am really impressed. I don't know how much time you have to implement changes but top of my wish list would be to add information to the live timer.

I will use this software to help me go faster at track days. Some of the track days can be quite busy with slower cars and hence getting a complete lap without slowing for others can be fustrating. Therefore I think it would be good if a second box could be displayed when crossing a trap line stating the sector improvement (between current and previous traps). This needs to be referenced to the same reference lap as it is only useful to compare against a complete lap from a car set-up perspective. Then if a lap is slowed due to trafic in the 1st sector the rest of the trap times can still be useful.

Next on my wish list is to display a 3rd box stating trap speed improvement. This is useful as it can give an indication of how good corner exit speed is compared with total split time.

I can forsee that this could create too much clutter on a small screen so I think that a Trap display specification would be helpful. eg check boxes for ;Show Relative lap time; Show relative sector time; show relative trap speed. Then the user can define what info they want to be displayed for a specific trap.

Great work, I can't wait to take it on track next time I go. I just wish it wasn;t winter here at the moment!


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    Thanks for the feedback!

    Your suggestions are very good! When I get back to the user interface issues, I will implement at least some of your ideas. It probably won't be the next version though.

    I'm thinking that the switch between "Show cumulative time" and "Show sector time" could be in global settings, and you could switch it depending on the situation on the track. Relative trap speed might be possible to fit somewhere on the display together with the time.
  • Hi, I have been thinking again about the live timer and its uses on track. For motorbikes or some cars a place to mount the phone may not be available and therefore split info will not be available. Unless you could send a audio message to the driver via the mobile phones headphones into the drivers helmet. e.g. "RED, ZERO, DECIMAL, ONE, ONE" (+0.11) or "GREEN, ZERO, DECIMAL, TWO, ZERO" (-0.20).

    Cheers, Rich
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    I will probably look in to this before the spring. It's a lot of work recording proper samples, also needs somebody with a good voice and pronunciation.
  • Richwatty, can you really fit a BT headphone into your helmet?

    Also can we use a BT headphone while we are using BT for the GPS unit?
  • Nope, I can't fit a BT headphone but I can fit a wired version. I have tried to use a BT headphone as well as the GPS on my N95 and it does not work. Many track days in the UK are not timed, actually timing is not allowed so having the phone display on the dash is a bit of a give-a-way. But I can fit my phone in my suit and run a single ear piece into my helmet. That way I can still get splits without taking my eye off the track and not get thrown off for lap timing.
  • No problem for me to use both BT headset and GPS at the same time on my 6110 Navigator.
    I just cant connect to the GPS if I have a conversation going over the headset.
    So I have to start up the session before I make a call.
  • In the new version, is it possible to view comparative split times (compare current split times with best time's splits, for example) in livetimer?
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