Session Database

There's been lots of discussion about a live data feed option but something I've never seen discussed is a database of session data. We have a track database of over 300 tracks, so there must be RaceChrono logged data to support all of that. Is there a way we can share this data through the current tracks database? Perhaps an upload form with a few fields:

Type (production/modified/single-seat/GT)
Tyres (road/track/slick)
Weather (Wet/Damp/Dry)
Weight (kg)
Power (bhp)

and a search box to query the data, perhaps?


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    I have been dreaming long time about something like this. We could of course do something very simple with just upload / download features, and some keywords.
  • Something simple with just the fields above would be superb. Do you think it's possible to integrate with the tracks database? Potentially, there could be a way to upload the data directly from RC. To be able to see other people's data would be a killer feature for me - to see where other cars are faster/slower would give insight into my setup and how I approach corners.
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