GPS catching in "Pause" mode

Hi, aol.
I did not find option when racechrono could open GPS port but dont start session.
As I understood it only opens GPS port meaning catching sattelites when I start new session or resume old one.
I thing it is not good.
It would be nice to make possible catching GPS in "Pause" mode. Nobody wants to add points into track with bad DOP.


  • What is the use case for this, are you using RaceChrono for mapping or land surveying? For motor racing the these low quality points do not matter much at start-up. And you're going to get them anyways when going hard at corners etc.
  • Example:
    I come to kartodrom to drive 10 laps on kart (about 10 minutes). But I know that before I need to "warm up" my GPS system at least for 10-15 minutes for good quality.
  • OK. I will think of something like this for the next version. A screen to monitor the GPS quality before actually starting recording.
  • I think that it would be better if racechrono should catch GPS signal always!
    And save track only when you press resume session.

    Of course I find solution for my situation.
    I use GPSgate to catch GPS and redirect data to another serial port.
    I start racechrono exactle before my race on kart. So racechrono gets very good signal immediatly.
  • But you know that gpsgate is not freeware, so I need to use crack version)
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    I remember early versions of RC were always connected to the GPS, but I changed that because Bluetooth drains the phone battery quite quickly. But yes I see that there is a problem. You could also keep the session running, but of course you'd get some useless plots.

    There is also feature request about not logging plots when stopped, I think that would be good solution to your problem too. So you wouldn't need to pause/resume if you don't want to.
  • You are right!
    Stop logging when speed equal 0. more then 5-10 points!
  • I can start the session and get GPS link within 10 - 15 seconds. I then lock the keypad on the phone and ride my session on the motorcycle.
    When I am done I unlock the keypad and pause the session, none of the sessions take up that much space on the data card
  • I had this concern also. My solution is to start/resume session while in pre-grid. I just let the timer roll for a few minutes prior to start. Once I cross start/finish the useful lap timing begins. I then just ignore the first grid/lap info.
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