Relaible 5 Hz GPS reciever. Best ratio quality/price.

I think that this topic was discussed several times. But I did not find it(
So what is the best choice of commercial external GPS recievers?
Let's say that upper limmit on price is 150 dollars.

I found that in this forum people discusse Qstarz BT-Q818 Bluetooth GPS Receiver.
Is this best item?


  • That's the unit I use and I find it's great. Quick fix to satellites and it looks like good, reliable data.
  • There's many versions of the Q818. Make sure you pick the one that actually is 5Hz like the BT-Q818X. It should be under $90.
  • thanks!
  • I bought a GlobalTop G66 Touch Bluetooth GPS on ebay, it cost $35.50US including fregith to Australia. It is a 5Hz unit.

    It worked perfectly. I am using it on a bike for lap timing and it is small enough to velcro on the inside of the fairing. It never missed a beat.

    I am using it with a HTC TOUCH HD.
    I tried the internal GPS which did not work at high speeds.

    Very impressed and Ialso cant beleive how good RaceChrono is, now i have it working.
    I hope this helps.
  • Thanks! but to late for me.
    I odered BT-Q818X for 80 euros.
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    Thanks for the tip yoshiboldor! Ordered myself a Globaltop on Ebay today.

    Couldn't find anything cheaper than 42 euro (~$51) but I managed to haggle a bit and got it for 35 euro (shipping included).

    Should it perform under par it's not exactly a disaster for the money.
  • What's the difference between the BT-Q818X and the BT-Q818 extreme? Which one works best with Racechrono and a Nokia 5800?
  • Teimurlang,
    BT-Q818X is the newer MTKII chipset, longer batery life, faster fix etc. BT-Q818 is older MTK chipset. Either will work ok but Q818X is the better one.
  • I believe the 818x has a hardware switch to keep it on 5hz and the 818 requires a software program to set it to 5hz and if it ever runs out of battery completely, it will default back to 1hz..yuk,
  • Adamw and tentenths, thanx for your answers!!!
  • Does anybody know what will happend if I turn all output NMEA settings to 5.
    I mean these: GLL, GSA, ZDA, RMC, GSV, MCHN, VTG, GGA.
    see picture
    As I understood numbers mean frequency in Herz.
    Why not to put 5 everywhere?
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