Data Logging

Has anyone been able to log Throttle Position on a bike without the OBD input??
Is there a bluetooth logger available that would work direct from the TPS on a bike?


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    I'd say this is the only option for decent money:

    Then connect the TPS to one of the analog inputs (you'll probably have to make a custom connection from the TPS).

    Don't know about the bike, but the TPS on my car at least has a signal from 0,5v on idle to 4,5v on full throttle, so one of the analog inputs set to work within 0-5V should work well for the purpose. I would guess most TPS have a similar signal range, although Racelogger can work at 0-15v as well. The logging would be done with Race Chrono as usual...
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    I think he's having some problems with the HW so RaceLogger is unfortunately not shipping (Yet at least).
  • Ah, he should update his website then, as it's been "for sale" for quite a while. It's probably the only option though, I haven't heard of anything like it for that kind of money.
  • Yep, I haven't heard anything from him for some time, unfortunately.
  • I had contact last week. It's still ongoing, it'll come to market at some point and there are two test units that are working, so it's not vapourware, as far as I can see.
  • That's a great information, as I am also very interested it this product
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