How to import a session and resume from it?

Tried to import a best session and resume from it but got error when resuming.

Was trying to import my best session and resume from it so that I can see my current session timing compare to the best lap.

The import is successful, and no problem seeing the lap time for each laps. But when tried to resume there was error.


  • Imported sessions can not be resumed, unfortunatedly.
  • It would be great if possible. Not a priority? Tnks.
  • edited May 2011
    Use the alternative method to import data

    Description with RaceChrono:

    "Settings/GPS receiver/GPS type/Input file" and select the NMEA file to import

    Return to main menu

    "New session" and create a new session as you normally do.

    Wait ...

    When it's finished you can resume this session.

    Remember to reset the initial GPS settings
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