Version 0.50 freezes the phone when connection lost (atleast 6110 navigator)

changed the topic to cover this bug only


  • Racechrono crashes when I loose connection with my BT GPS.
    Tomtom GPS and 6110 Navigator v03.51
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    Thanks for your feedback,

    So the application just exits (crashes) when Bluetooth connection is lost? Does this happen when you loose the lock to satellites, or when you loose the Bluetooth connection? Also does this happen every time the connection is lost?

    Or did you mean the software seems to hang when you try to exit the session, after the connection has been lost, for example after switching off the receiver? This happens for 15-20 seconds, and it is normal, after that the software resumes.

  • It happens if I have a session running, and take the phone with me when I leave the car where the gps are.
    The phone locks up and I have to restart it.
    It have happened 2 times but I try to avoid it, by pausing the session before I leave the car.
    Can try to do some more scientific tests tomorrow :)
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    Ok. Try also the modified version I sent you by email. This is rather serious bug, but I'm not able to reproduce it with my own phones and receivers... atleast yet. I do not own 6110 navigator, it might happen in all of those.
  • Did some testing now but couldn't reproduce the error, will try some more at work tomorrow, try to let it run most of the day.
    Could have been something else with my phone that have caused it.
    Will let you know after work tomorrow.
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    Didn't manage to reproduce the freeze problem, drove more than 300km and provoked it the best I could.
    So there must have been either some other software or my phone that caused it.
    I am very sorry, should have made sure that I could reproduce it at will before I posted the error.
    Really hope you didn't use too much time on it :(
    Drove 80km with the modified version and everything was perfect with that one as well.
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    No I did not use too much time on it, and time is cheap anyway, for some bugs I've even had to buy a new phone :-) The bug might still be there, we just don't know how to reproduce it, maybe circumstances were different.

    Actually it's much better to report the bug even if it can not be reproduced. Not all bug reports leads to reproducing (and fixing) the problem, but they give me at least some pieces to the puzzle. Maybe next report on this will give me other pieces.

    Thanks for testing it, and any additional information is welcome if you run in to this again.
  • It happened today again.
    But I think it is something between the phone and the blue tooth. Pretty sure I have had some of the same problems with my Tomtom software as well now and then. I think it is when the phone are supposed to reconnect to the bluetooth device again, that something goes wrong.
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    Yes, it sounds like a problem in the phone's Bluetooth stack. Did you have such problems with the previous versions? I guess not?
  • I noticed it first with the 0.50 beta, I have only tested the version with support for the integrated gps before.
    I think I finished most of the sessions before I left the car, when I used that version with bluetooth gps.
  • OK. Let's see if I get more of this same problem. If not then it's probably your receiver or phone. By-the-way, I will make a new internal GPS version in one or two months time. It will be symbian signed this time, so no need for dev.certs anymore.
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    It happened today as well.
    The phone shows that its still connected to the gps, the gps doesnt turn itself off after the power save time limit, so it must also be connected. Racechrono shows the sat information that it had when it lost connection.
    When I pause and continue the session it connects to the gps but says no sats.
    When I try to exit Racechrono its not possible.
    After some time the phone either shuts down Racechrono or I have to restart the phone.
    My BT headset still works during all of this.
    Today my headset wasn't connected, so it doesn't seem like that have something to do with the problem.

    Looking forward to the new integrated version, great to be able to use the program even if you don't have your BT gps with you.
    I can sign the file myself if you need some help with testing before you sign it.
    Not sure how the signing thing works when you do it, but I thought that costs a lot of money?
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    Did RaceChrono show "Not connected to GPS" before the hang? So when it reconnected with the GPS, the "Not connected" disappeared, but now the satellites etc are frozen?
    Do you still have the "bluetooth connected icon" in the status pane, when this happens? (looks like "(b)" when normally only "b").

    This sounds like RaceChrono problem now, but there is few things to try that might shed light to this problem:

    1) Reset your GPS receiver (remove the battery for a while if possible), and then recharge it. I've seen couple of weird acting GPS's in the past.
    2) Also check that your phone has latest firmware.
    3) When the this happens next, try removing the GPS battery to see if RaceChrono still remains frozen. Or just switch it off.
    4) Try another receiver if you own one (or can loan one for a while).

    I will release a non-signed beta version in advance. The signing process used to be expensive (200-300 euro per version, plus a certificate), but last month they renewed it significantly. Now it's $200/year for cert, plus $20 per version, plus VAT, and you get it signed immediately so no testing delays anymore (no hidden cost).
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    Don't know what it reports before it loose connection since I can't make it happen at will, and I usually have it in my pocket.
    In RaceChrono everything looks ok but there are 0 speed and no changes in sat info, the info freezes at the info it was at when I left the car. When I pause and resume the session it connects to gps but reports 0 satelites even though gps have fix(blinking light on gps) Phone reports that it have connection with gps through the icon.
    Can't remove gps battery but will try to switch it off.
    I have the first firmware 3.51 since there have been no reason to upgrade from what I have read in the change logs, and I have no problems with it.
    So I don't want to go through all the hassle with reinstall all the software I have on it.
    The signing thing sounds a lot better now :)
    Looking forward to the beta, if you can get it out before Easter I can test it at the Ring :)
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    Too bad the battery can't be removed. I've got one of my receivers to "unstable" state, which caused various bluetooth problems. Only hardware reset helped in that case.

    Some phones get much better when upgrading the firmware (like the N95). But it is of course hassle to do, and it's unlikely it would help on this problem at all. But generally updating to latest firmware is a good idea.
  • When I turned the gps off RaceChrono reported "Not connected to gps", and when I turned gps on again RaceChrono connected and worked perfectly.
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    Did you try this when RaceChrono froze? Or just when it was working normally? The important test is when it freezes.
  • When it had frozen.
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    OK! Just checking. So at least we have a 'work-around' now!Can not say why this happens though.
  • Think its just a normal bt thing, much like Windows systems except the server versions, it just dont work :)
  • I've also got a 6110 and can't wait for the update. I've got another satnav reciever but its a CF card plugged into my pda so its no use.

    Loads of trackdays on my bike this year so expect UK maps of Cadwell, Donnington, Croft etc etc

    Excellent program aol, just need a version that my tiny brain can get working :)
  • The same happens with my new N82 as well, and I also have the same problems with my BT headset sometimes.
    So I am pretty sure its a mobile bluetooth problem, and have nothing to do with your program.
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