Web page to send live data to?

Any tips on web pages that you can send live data to?


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    The live data url is in udp://domain:port format, and the server is just plain UDP listener that receives the NMEA data (GGA sentences). Currently there is no receiver server for this feature yet, but anyone can write their own of course.

    BTW: I'm not sure if the feature works anymore, it's been left untested for a few versions, I will hopefully test it for next version.
  • Ok I was hoping that it would be possible to upload the data to an open service, that worked something like this: www.gmap-track.com
  • It would have been really cool if your friends could sit and watch your laptimes, in real time over the internet :)
  • Agreed, that would be really cool. Maybe some day. Before that it's ofcourse possible to implement something to support existing services (If I can find a suitable).
  • Would it be much work to make a very simple plain white web page, that just showed split times with speed, the total lap time and the speed average?
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    To use the current "send live data" feature to do this would be a lot of work. It does not send lap times, but only raw position data. I will look in to this during spring, when I have some of the current prototype features out of the way.
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