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Any future plans that include a possibility to export data, that can be used together with a video file?


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    Some ideas involving videos. Not sure what kind of software would be needed to sync & merge external data to a video. If you know any such software or products, I'd be happy to take a look how they work.
  • Sorry I have never seen how they work. But if it had been possible to make any kind of video file of it, it would be easy to sync and merge the two videos manually.
  • Isn't it possible to make a video file of the speedo dial that are in the program? If not maybe there are a program that can record the mobile screen? Another possibility can maybe be to use the video out, on the N82 and N95, and record that if you make a replay function?
  • Best way (that I could think of), would be to have just extra export format. So after driving your session, you'd just select "Laps > Export > Format = MPEG", and the file would be generated on your memory card. This file could then be used in your video editing software. I'd have to investigate how big a job would it be to generate video. MJPEG maybe not that bad.
  • That had been really nice, and it could give you some extra PR as well if you manage to add some kind of logo to it.
    A lot of guys will notice it when they watch the videos.
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    Have made a couple of videos with RaceChrono overlay. I have recorded the RaceChrono video through the N82 TV out, and manually pushed the left arrow key to make the video file :)
    So it's a bit out of sync here and there :)

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    Using the TV-out is a cool idea, and many new phones have it. Maybe if there was a playback function, this could be used more seriously, even without video file encoding. I'll have to think how to implement this, so that it would be nicely integrated to the user interface.
  • The Nokia Sports Tracker have replay function, but it doesn't play it in realtime for some reason. Another problem are that the resolution are very low, so that when you compress the video its not so easy to see the lines and numbers. So large fonts and lines would make it easier. Its better to take away some info to get the most important ones larger. But the best would be to be able to choose, what info you like to be shown in the replay.
  • There is a software for doing this kind of things that would be perfect as inspiration: Trackvision. It would be great doing a merge of inboard video from any kind of external source as a cam-corder and merge it with Racechrono data.
    If this is done also with the accelerometer data it´ll be perfect
  • Another possibility for a very quick implementation is to use VideoLAN VLC player and supply the GPS data as subtitle-files :)
    If need be, VLC can also save this to a new videofile with the subtitles included in the videostream.
  • Very cool idea, thanks!
  • Maybe it could be easy to make some kind of video window just with the "virtual dash" and grab it to mpeg with some kind of screencapture if its dificult to export.
    Later you can overlay in the inboard video with any video editing software...
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    Had to manually add the kmh numbers from the RaceChrono log to my latest ring video as text. Any new plans regarding replay? A friend use this system: virtualcup.fr and have made cool videos, my laps are faster but... Had a few looks at it and all in all I think RaceChrono are better, like when it lost sat signals it shuts the hole session down. The mobile analyze functions looked to be way off RaceChrono. But it also had some nice features, it calculated g-forces from the logged positions among others.
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    Sure, the replay functionality is coming, but my to-do list is really really long. Maybe I should push it upwards. I've seen virtuacup but never properly tested it. Can you send me URL to the videos made using virtuacup's replay functionality? I guess they use the "export animated GIF" feature to put gauges etc to their videos? What do you think, would an animated GIF be a good solution? I don't know much about the video editing softwares so I need some advice here :-)
  • He hasn't uploaded any yet, but I will mail you a picture from a video. You are right that it's animated GIF.
    But it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is any form of pictures coming in a speed that is correct to each other. With different editing or converting software you can import anything, and adjust the speed so that it sync with the video.
  • What about adobe (ex macromedia) flash... I'm not so good with it but I know that flash can read data from external txt file and I guess it would be easy for someone knowing flash to make simple actionscript and gauge, and there is a lot of programs for swf2avi conversion, I even think that flash has avi/mpg export
  • Having it as Flash animation is an excellent idea! It is much easier to "draw" the flash than GIF, and also it is vector graphics so you can scale it as you wish.
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