Nokia 6680&Leadtek 9553 vs. Nokia N73&Leadtek 9553...'s my horror story, let's see if anyone has already seen something like that. :)

I used a 6680+9553 for the last two years, and everything worked fine, except the occasional glitch. Now I upgraded to a N73, kindly offered by the company I work for. All excited, I install all my software... just to discover that GPS-based ones work *very* erratically.

Nokia Sports Tracker, RaceChrono and the built-in navi software do connect via BT, but don't seem to receive any signal from the satellites. Darn, the receiver is broken - pull out the old, trusty 6680 to have a backup test, and... the Leadtek works again. Ouch. Let's get back to the N73, and... the Leadtek works!

I've confirmed this behaviour at least twice: if I start the receiver using TomTom navi on the 6680, I can turn off the 6680, turn on the BT on N73, and the thing works. If, on the other hand, I switch on the receiver on the 6680, then the N73, bluetooth works, but any software is waiting for a satellite fix.

Any suggestion? (Yes, I'm considering getting another BT GPS receiver, I'd just love to make sure I solve the problem...)

Thanks in advance, Ed


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    Ed, I think N73 used to have an Bluetooth problem that hanged the connection. Please follow the instructions at this link to see if there's a new firmware available for your phone:

    This has been reported by one user before, and firmware update helped. Please let me know if this helped.
  • Antti,

    thanks, but the firmware is up-to-date. No problem, I'll still use the trusty 6680 and go on experimenting with some other (friend's) receivers. Will let you know.
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