QSTARZ BT-Q818XT + Nokia N95 8GB

Hey guys,

I was just about to order the QSTARZ BT-Q818XT and use it with my Nokia N95 8GB but thank god I stopped by to this forum.

I just want to know anyone still having issues after updating?

I want to know what exactly the problem is?

Symbian (S60) version 1.40 known issues:

1. Nokia N95 and N95 8GB have problems with QSTARZ BT-Q818X and QSTARZ BT-Q818 eXtreme receivers. Firmware update on the phone supposedly helps, please let me know if you run in to this one. Not RaceChrono issue, but common never the less.


  • As far as I know the update fixes the issue. XT might use a bit more bandwidth than X, so try to set the baudrate to 115200.
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    Sorry I'm new to this, but what was the issues before the update?
    and what do you mean by using more bandwidth?
  • The bluetooth connection hangs after a while, and there is no more data. Bandwidth is not too bad thing.
  • I've been running RaceChrono on my N95 8GB for about 3 years now. Provided you've updated the firmware since about 2008, you'll be fine. I had the problem when I first bought a BT818X but my I bought my N95 8GB on the day it was released and had not updated the firmware since. After I updated the firmware, I had no troubles and I've recorded about 50 sessions since.
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    ok cool, I guess I should go for it.
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