Importing Data (track maps) from Other Software

I've been using MaxQdata for the last few years and have data from several different track. Is it possible to import that data into RC so that I can have the track maps predefined in RC?

Is there a format that I can follow to configure the exported MaxQData files so that I can import.

MaxQdata can export as: .cvs, KML, Excel 5.0, Power report, .TXT, TrackVision, Qview Report.

Tracks I have: Watkins Glen Int., NJMP Lightning, NJMP Thunderbolt, Pocono North, etc


  • NMEA would be easiest but I guess MaxQData doesn't support that? Do you know what format MaxQData files are natively?
  • I'm not sure how to tell if it supports NMEA or not. When I open a MaxQData file with notepad, the first line says "QBox data file type C"
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    Dear, I wish to congratulate the excellent software. Is there a way to import routes (or waypoints) from Google Earth (kml)? I tried to convert with GPSBabel but no route is detected. Some data may be missing from Google Earth. Is there a way around? Thanks!

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