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Hi, I'm having problems transferring data from my phone to my PC. I have installed racechrono on my PC, but the files I try to open open as the samples that are supplied with the program. Please help. I can't figure out what I do wrong, I would imagine that this is as simple as dragging folder from phone to desk top. I tried export, but it only exports to google earth. I would like to view the laps and graph on a big monitor.
I'm easily intimidated with computers and smart phones, and somehow I managed to create a new track at my last track day, I'm very eager to use this app and just now began to understand it's full potential. Thank you for the great app. and please help a desperate guy.


  • One last thing I did exactly as the manual says, copied the session folder from my phone into the racechrono session folder on my PC, but still it only wants to open the samples, even though there are all the sessions inside the folder....
  • You should be copying the *contents* of the Sessions folder on your phone to <Documents>\RaceChrono\Sessions. Also, you will probably want to copy the contents of the tracks folder too. Once you've done that, start RaceChrono and you should get all your sessions.

    The export function does more than Google Earth, CSV being the obvious one.
  • bingo ! I finally got it. Thank you! Once understood it's simple.
    Another question: What CSV do?
  • CSV = Comma Separated Values. It's a plain text file that you can read in via a script or open with Excel to do graphs and suchlike. It's also used with RaceChrono2AVI, TrackVision and other applications that import data.
  • I am encountering a similar problem. I have copied the session and track contents from the miniSD card to the respective session/track folders located on the hard drive. However when I launch RC, only the sample session/track is available for view.

    When I installed RC v1.4 it created the following file structure...

    \Program Files
    \RaceChrono app

    I copied the content from the miniSD card into Program Files\RaceChrono\RaceChrono\examples\RaceChrono\sessions...tracks, but like I said, the copied files do not appear when I launch RaceChrono. Is there a way to double check the file paths or program configuration?

    I am running Windows 7.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you much!
  • Hi

    it's not in "Program Files" that you need to copy your files but in "My Documents" folder
  • TiZ, thanks for the response.
    I looked in "My Documents" and there is no RaceChrono related folder. I think I may uninstall/reinstall and start from scratch. I've got nothing to lose.
  • TiZTiZ
    edited March 2011
    I have the following in "My documents"

    I have 1.40(C) version
  • Jeremiah;
    Program Files\RaceChrono\RaceChrono
    is wrong place.
    Documents and Settings\Jeremiah(?)\My Documents\RaceChrono
    is the right one.
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