Copying Log Files

I will be using the PC version or RC this season for the first time. I have somewhat of a unique/complex setup and am curious about something that I am unable to test at the moment.

After a session out on track, RC creates a log file of the session. My understanding is that RC creates a set of .bin files for each session and stores them in ../documents/racechrono/sessions

My question is: can I copy those .bin files from one computer (the in-car race laptop) via ad-hoc peer to peer to our pit computer, place them in the same folder on the pit computer and use RC that's installed on the pit computer to review the data?

Or do I have to export the data from the in-car computer in order to view it on another computer?


  • I apologize for not searching very well before posting. I see there have been other similar questions.
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