How can I have one file per session


I have a 747A+ GPS receiver.
I have a made a small test and everything seems to work fine.
but I have made two tests from A to B and from C to D.

but when I import the file (because I have only one file) I can also see a log from B to C (with speed = 0)

I am now wondering if there is a way to have two different files directly ( one from A to B and a second one from C to D).

how are you doing when you do 5 sessions a day or even different drivers?
is there something to change during the download of the nmea file?


  • I haven't used the iBlue GPS, so dont fully understand what you are trying to do, so maybe you need to explain a bit further... Generally you would disable the internal logging in the iBlue so then it only supplies position data via bluettoth to your racechrono device (phone?) and racechrono does all the logging instead. Then you dont need to import any files and race chrono neatly organises files by seasons/driver/track/etc.
  • TiZTiZ
    edited April 2011
    in fact I do not have display device.
    I use the iBlue as a logger and then I download the file (.nmea) on my pc in order to analyse it.

    but if I do multiple records I always have only one .nmea.
    but I had an answer on the 'French forum' part that I can easily edit/modify the .nmea in order to have one file per session.

    thanks for your help.

    Edit: I think that the application (BT747 application) I use in order to export the nmea files from the iblue to my pc can do it automatically; there is a splitter time available.
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