OBD2 via BT on wince

Hello to all. I'm using racechrono on my N95 with no trouble so far. My friend wa't to use it two, but he's not a big fan of small phone displays. So he asked me "if i'll buy wince device with BT - can I easly connect an OBDkey to wince?".
Does wince version of RaceChrono manage BT connections or should I look for some BT manager? for the decvice?
Will RaceChrono support widescreen (or highRes) devices?
Does any of you use RaceChrono with OBDkey?

best regards.


  • Unfortunately RaceChrono does not support Windows CE. Only Windows Mobile phones are supported.
  • that's a shame. thanks for answer.
  • But wait! What about this discussion? http://www.racechrono.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=491

    it seems that i can run some versions on wince, am I right?
  • Well, it's not officially supported version and requires some hacking. No guarantees on it working ...
  • yeah. after some searching I found info, that win ce is not supported because of the hardware RC device (btw, how's that going? are you looking for distributors in other countries?).
    Since I don't want to start new discussion: Have you considered some kind of support for other UI languages? eg. language.txt file with all text labels, that anyone can translate to his native language and overwrite with the existing in the RC application? if so, i'm first in line to do polish version.
  • I'll make sure to consider the multi-language support for the upcoming Android version.
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