Export Track.bin or what is track.bin format?

Hi, I searched and it looked like this came up a few other times, but was never resolved:

Is there a way for me to get the data out of the track.bin files?

Specifically, I'd like to see what gps coordinates mark the trap start/end so that I can mark those lines on my GMaps overlay. I can export my path without a problem, but don't see a way to export the trap start/end and finish line.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this goal that I'm just not seeing?




  • Nevermind - I found this!

    If you open the track there's a "Browse Traps" button. From inside here, you need to "Unlock Traps" and then you can modify their location.

    In my case, I just clicked "Properties" for each trap so that I could see their defined Lat/Long.
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