While waiting for 1.43 for Symbian

Hello! I know that the main feature of the upcoming version will be no expiration date. However (because the new version will be 1.43 and the last was 1.40) is there some other features that we'll see? Or maybe only bug fixes?

BTW. I did some heavy testing on track last week with A+ results for RC. This peace of software helped me a lot with improving my lap times. Thanks!



  • Unfortunately there will be no other features. Some small things like switching MTK chipset receivers automatically to 5 Hz (if not already higher).
  • As long as you're changing stuff in RC, can you please add bar units to Intake Mainfold Pressure? As you can (or can't) see on the pic above, now it's kPa.

    best regards.
  • I try to change as little as possible before committing my time 100% to Android development :)
  • however - this is the best peace of free software on the market.
    thanks again for your work and hope to see the android version also for free.
  • Antti, if somehow the trick to get a higher OBD sample rate made it into the 1.4x branch, that'd be awesome. :) Should be as simple as adding a " 1" to the end of each data query. Maybe as experimental option? I'd gladly volunteer as beta tester for that. ;)
  • Closer and closer to 31st may. When can we expect beta release?
  • I try to do it next weekend
  • Ok, the v1.43 is released for Symbian now. Will make blog entry when I get the Windows versions built. Too late to do it today.
  • Thanks for this update. Still sad to know this is the last...
    Thanks for your really good job.
  • Thank you very much for this new version without limits. I try it on the road with "data logging" mode. Next week, I'll try it on the track with my bike. Thanks
  • delirii: It's may be last for Symbian definitely not last in general :) There will be great things coming for Android!
  • Nice work, cant wait for the 1.43 for WM phones!
  • looking forward to the WIndows update. We have our first event with RC on June 23 and would hate to be with out RC! Thanks for all the hard work on this!
  • It will be out before May 31th. I promise.
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