Racechrono Touchscreen Lap Timer

Just wondering if these http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/RaceChrono-TouchScreen-GPS-Lap-Timer-Pro.html (Racechrono Touchscreen Lap Timers) work the same as the version on here. Or does anyone know how to make a similar unit using another device, similar to this?


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    It has the 1.43 version of RaceChrono. It's official RaceChrono product, with software licensed from RaceChrono Oy. The software on it cannot be used on other hardware, as we have made sure nobody makes illegal copies...
  • If I am not mistaken there were also a few small changes to make it work better user wise on this hardware.
  • Sure, there's quite many changes source code wise, but it has all the same features.
  • Thank you for this information. I wasn't wanting to copy it, just see if we can use the version on here to output onto a screen. Maybe i didn't word it correctly. But i appreciate your feedback.
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