Better lap timing visualization

This i s a great program, but I think that can be easly improved making it much better.

What I'd like to see is a better lap visualization while I am runnig.
I mounted it on my bike and tryed.
1) The lap time is shown just for a few moments, instead I d like to see it until I arrive to the next split.

2) The charactes should be BIGGER than they are, this would help reading them while you are 200Km/h and not so much time to "waste", may be adding a new sceen to toogle whit the joy, when you only see last lap, best lap and splits, but in a BIG way.

I 'd like to add a jpg I made to give an Idea, but no space where to upload it and not supported here. I ll find a place and up.

Hope this changes can be done, they do not touch the back end of the application, but just front, so they probably can easly be done.

TNX all people making this lap timer!


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    Ok I see your point. Your phone is 2nd edition. Unfortunately the texts are small in this version. This is because these old phones does not have big fonts installed.

    The more modern phones (the ones listed on the download page under "3rd edition"), have scalable true type fonts. There RaceChrono uses much bigger font. Next version will also have option to force screen to landscape where the font will be even bigger (more text per line).

    But the first thing you asked is feasible. I can make the lap time display time configurable.
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    Also your idea of much simpler live timer screen is a good one (the JPG you sent me). That is now on my to-do list.

    The live timer display type will be user adjustable; with some special key you can change between the simple view and the complicated view. The key will be probably the 'toggle' soft key.
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    May be more than let the user set the timer display I wuold force the displaying until the next trap arrives, that is (in my opinion) the most easy and logic thing to do.

    Tnx for your time

    P.S. Damn 2nd Edition phone :(
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