import .csv to RC

I got an csv file that i exported from RC on my phone a while ago. The files in the phone is not left and now i want to read the csv files in RC, is that possible and if so how do i do?


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    same problem,
    did you solve it ?
  • I'm curious as well. I'd like to import .cvs files from other data loggers (namely MAXAData) in order to create new tracks for RC
  • Unfortunately there is no import feature from .CSV to RC. It should be possible to convert these CSV files to NMEA or anything else RaceChrono supports for importing, but it will be lot of work anyways.
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    Since I was thinking about this last night, I was finally able to export the MaxQData files to .cvs format, take the necessary information (sats time lat long velocity heading height) and copy it over to a .VBO format. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried and how much I narrowed down the data, the track maps that were imported into RC had random straight lines cutting through the track. It must be some sort of missing data, but was unable to figure it out.

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    Looks like there are pieces of the data missing for some reason. Data stops at some point and starts again on another part of the track. Looks OK otherwise.
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