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I am running racechrono 1.43 on my nokia e51. I have a qstarz bt-818xt gps and recently got an obdkey which I have been testing with my car.

I am having a problem with the racechrono export function. When I log only few obd values (RPM, throtlle position, relative throttle position) the export function seems to work well as it is with just the GPS. When I log more values from the obd, the export function seems to get the values out but there are no column names so I have to guess what numbers correspond to which column.

The values are shown properly inside racechrono and plotted when processed later. The problems are with the export function.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Anyone has any suggestion?


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    I guess it's a bug. Can you list here which channels are you recording when the column names disappear?
  • It worked well when I used in primary mode rpm, throttle position and relative throttle position without any secondary. The relative one appears after the trap name in the CSV file.

    It did not work well when I added a bunch of secondary obd values. There were various combinations. The min values I tried was with 7 secondary that included ecu voltage, intake temp, coolant temp, absolute load, calc engine load, air flow, fuel input

    The values are logged in racechrono and the CSV file has them. Only the column headers are missing. Also the first few lines with comments and version are missing. The CSV file starts with the first data line.

    Is it safe to assume that column order is always the same? This way if I figure out the headers I can just copy paste on future files.
  • Can you send the whole session to me in original binary format, please? This might be a bug that needs to be fixed. The files are on the memory card in \RaceChrono\Sessions folder. You can send the files to tracks(at)racechrono.com
  • sure, no problem. I am traveling though and left my Nokia phone with the data at home. I will send it to you on Friday when I get back.
  • I email the bin files and the csv at the address above. Let me know if you received them fine and if there is anything else I can do from my side.
  • I got them thank you. I'll take a look at them bit later.
  • More findings after playing over the weekend.

    The csv output did work properly and the headers were included for when I used GPS and from ODBkey I had high frequency RPM (rpm), Throttle Position (%) and low frequency Relative throttle pos. (%), Coolant temperature (°C), Intake temperature (°C), Absolute load (%)

    It did not include the headers when I added as low frequency obd for Calc. engine load, Airflow rate, ECU voltage.

    Not sure if the problem is with the number of values or a particular field. Hope this helps more with your debugging.
  • Are there any news about this bug? i have the same issue here.
  • I am not sure it relates to num of values anymore. Ecu voltage seems to cause issues for example. While waiting on a fix i looked for a workaround. I realized that if the obd choices are fixed, then the columns are shown in the same order in csv files. So once settled in what I want to log, I figured out the columns by trial and error and then copy paste the column headers on new csv files using excel. Not a permanent solution, but it let's me use the files to import to dashware with this trick.
  • I have a similar problem.
    In "Race Chrono" all values ??are visible after exporting all values ??to zero.
    I use engine rpm, throttle, speed, engine temperature and brake.
    I must also say that I have no idea how this works with the documentation described ini files.
    Perhaps it is also a problem of translation from English to German.
    Unfortunately, the documentation is only available in englsich.
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