v0.90 beta for integrated GPS

Ran it for around 7 hours and 300 kms today on my N82.
Changed between track(SS stages) and performance testing every now and then.
Seems like a good and stable version.
The only problem I had was when I switched from one SS to another SS it couldn't restart the gps.
But this only happened once and its not sure it have anything to do with your program.
I couldn't notice much, if any quality difference between the integrated gps in my N82, vs what I have logged before with my Tomtom Sirif3 BT receiver.
The line it draw didn't differ from the old ones, and the color of the satellites looked the same.


  • Thanks for feedback!

    I've had such problem twice that satellites show in colors on the satellites display, but does not ever get a lock. Pause + Resume helps. Was your problem similar? Let me know if you see this problem again.
  • It reported 0 sats and no sat fix.
    Pause and resume didnt help, had to stop and restart the program.
    Will let you know if I see it again but I don't think so, guess it was just normal computer stuff ;)
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    I have been using this 0.90 beta version with my Nokia 6110 Navigator for "trace" my trips to work. It has been working very well and the export feature to vbo format is GREAT.

    However I have had one problem: Once when I was using Nokia Navigator (Route66) SW at the same time as RaceChrono and exited Route66 the phone loses satellites and I needed to reboot my phone to get GPS working again (tried to reopen Route66 and RaceChrono many times and waited ~5minutes). This happened only once and I have not been able to reproduce the problem after that -> might be phone/Route66 related "feature" or I just simply lost satellites (it was quite cloudy day).

    Some proposal for improvement:
    1. After opening New Session with "old track" it would be nice to see track profile.
    2. "A Ghost Car" feature would be also quite nice. E.g. current lap compared to best lap time and you could see also ghost car from the map view.
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    Thanks for feedback!

    I probably will not take action on the infrequent problems before releasing the v0.90 version, as it would take long time to reproduce, and root cause could still be some other software, or the OS. I hope it's not frequent enough to annoy the users :-)

    About those proposals, would that ghost car feature involve some kind of replay function?
  • I was thinking the situation when you are driving normal lap timing, you could see the replay of the best lap time (something like with driving games) . So you could compare in real time how you are doing against best time. Maybe useful only for longer tracks and peaceful events....
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    The current version now supports the internal GPS. Let me know how it works! Notice you need to change "GPS type" in settings to use it.
  • Have used it a little now and then every day, and it have been running perfect. I am off for the Ring Wednesday, and will bring my BT GPS as well. But if I am happy with the integrated GPS I guess I will just use that. Maybe we will try to run one phone with integrated, and one with BT GPS in the same car and the same lap, just to compare them.
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    All right, let me know how it went! Remember to install the phone with the internal GPS so that there is at least partial view to sky. Have fun!
  • Even though I had high hopes I must say that RaceChrono performed way over expectations :) We didn't try the BT GPS since the internal ones seemed to work plenty good enough. The only places that seems to give some problems are Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten. Seems like the drawings are a little off the track there on 2 laps, other than that it seems very good.
  • Exported all my 16 Nordschleife laps to kml yesterday and checked each lap against the satelite maps. It's very impressive how little the logging are off. You told me that I could expect problems at Bergwerk and Galgenkopf but both those places are very good. Can it be because of different satelite positioning when the logging were done?
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    Well that is great news! Hard to say what are the parameters affecting the quality of the received data and trajectories. Weather could play some role, but also the G-forces (equals lap times in the end), used car (how much does the windshield deflect the radio signals), etc.

    I will continue this thread when I get some comparisons done on this. I plan to compare a professional 10hz GPS, Qstarz 5 hz GPS, SirfStarIII and N95 internal on season first track day in few weeks. Maybe the N95 will fare better than I originally thought, at least when the AGPS is enabled.
  • It seems that the N95 are a lot worse than 6110 and N82. I will send you my N82 session, done without AGPS and then you can compare it to your own logs.
    I can also send you my friends 6110 session later when I get it.
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    The logs look rather good indeed. But probably not nearly as good as they will look on a normal race track with clear views to sky. Did you try N95 slider open or closed? Seems like the N95 has a lot better reception with the slider open!

    According to most sources, the slider position does not affect 6110 GPS reception. Too bad I don't have N82 or 6110 available for my tests, it would be interesting to see the difference.
  • I haven't tested N95 but my brother and a friend have them.
    From what they say, and what I have read on the internet from guys that have had a N95, and switched to or tried 6110 and N82, it seems like it must be some difference there. Don't know if it can have something to do with the placement of the antenna? When I tried to turn my BT GPS upside down, in my screen mount it looked like the sat quality got worse. Sound strange but it sure did look like it?
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