Where to place the gps receiver in my motorcycle?

Where to place the gps receiver for optimal position in my superbike?


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    I would install it to the very rear of the bike. There the riders body is less likely to shadow the receiver from the sky. I'm sure there's other opinions as well, so everybody reading this, please post your favorite receiver installation locations!

    On a car, the best installation is in very center bottom of the windshield, where there is best view upwards to sky. Rear window and outside the car would work as well, and in a open top car it's relatively free choice.

    Generally the placement is more critical on a car than a bike, since on a bike there is usually not too much materials reflecting radio signals between the receiver and satellites.
  • I installed behind the receiver, but at Mugello I had problems.
    The time of racecrono was different from that of traditional infrared!
    The difference between the two was about one second!
    I have a recevitore Magnex old enough, but now I have purchased Qstarz 818!
    Vibrations of my SBK can do the riceiver malfunction?
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    I took a look at the Mugello track profile you uploaded, and noticed the start/finish line is some 100 meters off the white line on the satellite photos. Could be your transponder is at different location compared to the RaceChrono start/finish line.

    Can you confirm the transponder location is the white line you can see when viewing the Mugello track from Google Maps? I can move the finish line there, and this will most probably fix the RaceChrono lap times compared to the other system.

    The 5 hz receiver you purchased is more accurate than normal 1 hz, but a second difference tells about some other problem.
  • Yes, the infrared receiver was long before the finish line!
    But 'safe that is the problem of different times?
    Time is measured within one anywhere is!
    I am wrong?

    ... I put the finish line after a lap thanks to Travelroute .. I wrong?
  • if you send me a e.mail i send you the complete travelroute,so you can see!1
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    Can you send me the associated *-nmea.txt file under your \RaceChrono\Sessions\ and the comparison lap times recorded using the other system, to tracks(at)racechrono.com. I will take a look. Generally you should be able to record lap times with +-0.25 seconds accuracy with any receiver.
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    The data on the KML file you sent me does not look very good. The lap 'spread' is rather wide especially in main straight, and some corners look bad. The 'spread' on the main straight probably caused some of the laps to be missed (two laps counted as one).

    Your new receiver should improve the trajectories a bit.
  • Thinking now I have understood well the importance of putting in the same place stasrt / finish line and infrared receiver!
    And this' right?
    But how do I start to the finish line in the same place, infrared receiver from the phone via travelroute after a lap?
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    Yes, it is tricky to put your infrared receiver same place as the RaceChrono finish line, when adding them using the 'Travelled Route' feature.

    One way to do it would be to:
    1) Walk to your Infrared receiver with RaceChrono recording.
    2) Add a temporary trap to the current location (Options > Add trap here).
    3) From the added trap's position, you can now see the rough position of your infrared receiver.
    4) Add a new trap to the driving line using the Traveled Route. Add it somewhere near the temporary trap (Traveled route > Options > Add trap).
    5) Now delete the temporary trap (Browse traps > Options > Delete).

    I might make this an easier to use feature, or at least I should write this to the manual. But for most users, RaceChrono is the only lap timing method so for them this is not that important.
  • Ohhh now I understand! At the next exit try 'to do this and then you lighthouse' know!
    If you get 'pleasure also visit my site!

  • Nice! You got some really cool videos there!
  • Hi - as for the original question (receiver placement) I had the best results taping it on the helmet. From the experience I had with another system, most parts of the bike do suffer a little from vibrations.

    If you still want to tape it on the bike, the tail unit (codone, in italian... :) ) is the best spot.
  • Thank you for your suggestions.
  • What I have done and it seems to work well is to put the GPS receiver in a old mobile phone case ( the ones with the clear fronts, stretchy on the sides and also have a clip on the back ) which I place on the pillions seat. Almost all pillion seats have a strap across them which you can clip it to. I then place the phone under the pillion seat ( tape it down if needed ).

    It works well because the GPS receiver is not having the signal blocked by the rider and there is a very short distance between phone and receiver.
  • Place the GPS receiver near infrared receiver on the tail unit (CODONE MOTO) can cause disturbance to the data gps?
  • Not really, but if you're running a twin, vibration might disturb the receiver. If you're italian and need some assistance, you can write me directly to edoardo.licciardello@motocorse.com.
  • AOL...the Q Starz 818 %hz gps receiver work perfectly with Racechrono!!!..Thanx for your support!!
  • Great to hear!
  • I am using a N82 on my Yamaha R6 and found that it works well when you ductape it to the front handlebars just behind the key. It allows you to mark the start/stops and traps while riding. Also the reception is the best there.
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