How can I import my previous sessions from Symbian OS?

As shown in the object, I want to ask you if there is a way to import my previous sessions from a Symbian OS to Android. I have all the RaceChrono/Sessions folder of my old Nokia N8.

Thank you!


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    Mount your Android device to your computer, copy your old "Sessions" and "Tracks" folders under "RaceChrono" folder at the root level, so your phones mass memory will have "\RaceChrono\Sessions" and "\RaceChrono\Tracks" folders.

    On first run RaceChrono will import these sessions to the new format. Do not throw away your old format files after this, as I do not guarantee this works 100% yet. I recommend to back them up properly.

    Notice that you might not want to import the tracks that are downloaded from the Track Library, as RaceChrono will detect and download missing tracks automatically from Library when the session is opened.
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