GPS Accuracy inside racechrono

is it possible to see the gps accuracy through racechrono?

Because I got an old LG phone with Symbian S60 and the last version of racechrono seems to run fine...
Didn't test it on track yet.

Anyway, the previous owner of this phone told me that the internal gps isn't good but it's not my opinion..
If I take a look of gps data by the phone it shows a completely wrong altitude, and says the accuracy is like "75meters" with 6-7satellites .. way too much!
BUT inside racechrono if i start a datalog session with the same 6-7satellites it trace well even the small roundabout.

It can't be that inaccurate if it can trace little deviation too...
So, is it possible to see the real accuracy?

While I'm typing this, I've just thought that maybe i can figure it out taking a look of nmea data? or the logged data?

thank you


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    Some kind of estimates could be done from the DOP values. You can Google for formulas. Not sure how accurate estimate of error it is. I would not use the internal GPS either, I would buy an external one.
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