v0.91 problem with Nokia 6600 (maybe some other older models too)

The v0.91 uses some screen mode that is not supported by the old Nokia 6600. This causes lap time view and graph view to crash. Please report if this affects any other phones. This issue should be fixed in v0.95 or later.


  • Hi, first of all, congrats for this great software.
    I have tested RaceChrono 0.91 with nokia 6600, and seems to work fine (both normal and this modified version), but when I change x-axis to be "distance" instead of "time" in "graph settings", it shoutdowns with an error: USER-EXEC 3
    I get the same error on both versions. Apart from this, all works perfect :)
  • I found the problem, it will be fixed in the next beta.
  • thanks a lot ^_^
  • Let me know how the v0.95 works with the Nokia 6600. I did not get a 6600 test phone for this release yet.
  • I haven't had time lately, but tomorrow I will go for a ride to test ;)
  • I've tested 0.95 version this afternoon, and I haven't found any issue, all worked fine (exporting, visualizing, logging, etc.) congrats!
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