How do I compare two Sector times?

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Ok, great app so far! Up to this point I have figured out how to create a track with split times and I've even managed to record 3 test laps with 4 sectors using my neighborhood roads. Now I could use some help in analyzing my 3 laps.

I start by tapping "Sessions" on the main screen and then selecting my test session.

Then tap on Laps and I'm shown a table with my 3 laps with 4 Sectors, and the best lap (in this case lap 3) highlighted in blue.

Now if I tap on the first cell for lap1 it will show me the analyze screen with the map and graph for lap1 compared to my best lap3. So I'm good up to this point. But what if I only want to compare lap1 and lap3's Sector 3 times? When I tap lap1's Sector 3 cell I'm taken to the analyze screen but it only shows lap1's data and I don't see lap3's data for comparison. Am I doing something wrong?




  • Hi Paul,

    This is a limitation on the current version. It is actually fixed on my development version already, but I still need to do couple of bug fixes and new features (and lot of testing of course) before releasing it.

  • Antii,

    Thanks for the explanation and I look forward to when this becomes available in a future release. I had a chance to try RaceChrono today at a local autocross event and while that feature would have been nice to have, I was still able to use your app to log all 5 runs and still analyze based on the Sector times shown on the table view.

    Thanks again,

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