Best place to position and secure Bluetooth GPS - Qstarz 818

I know that this is the GPS receiver that is used in testing with the Racechrono software, which is why I purchased it just the other day. I got the Q818 extreme which is the 5Hz so I am hoping it is pretty accurate.

I was wondering where would be the best place to mount this device and how would I hold it in place without it flying around?

How do you guys do it??

Can't wait for the next track day to test it out! But in the mean time, I will be putting the trialling the performance testing.



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    Car or motorcycle? In a car best place is center of your dashboard near the lower parts of the windshield. In motorcycle, the helmet has been successful place, and also the rear section of the bike has been good.
  • It will be in my car.

    But how do you stop it from flying around? As you could imagine on the track the car is all over the place and I can just picture the device coming lose and smacking me in the face!

    I thought about some tape over the top of the receiver, but would that reduce the signal quality? On the bottom may not hold well enough and I don't really want to permenantly mount it as it would be a thief magnet...
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    I used this kind of stick-on fastener on my motorbike (works a bit like velcro but is made of plastic, i.e. you can remove the GPS unit when needed and re-attach it again):

    Just place one or two pieces on the bottom of the GPS receiver and the same amount on the dashboard and you are ready to go.
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    I have used double sided tape, normal velcro and 3m triple lock, all work sufficiently. The GPS is light so it's easy to attach well. Tape on top of the unit might weaken the signal a bit, but I don't think it would be a big problem.
  • in the rear section on my R1 is PERFECT!!...and the Gps receiver Qstarz 818 work perfecty...!!
  • Excellent, thanks for the tips.

    Have only had a little play with everything and am well impressed so far. Can't wait to test it out on a track day!
  • I've got it on top of the helmet - it's ok for motocross, but I can't imagine that for speed races :)
  • i have this, it sees lots of satellites up thar
  • Sickmint79: Wow that is cool! Need to buy some of those my self! :)
  • @sickmint79: I see 9-10 easily with the GPS at the center lower windscreen location aol suggests. How much better is this? Charging, drag and theft are concerns for your mount location.
  • This has worked pretty well so far. Good for about 16g.
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