Using both external GPS and an OBD2 scanner

I know that the current RaceChrono version does not yet support OBD2. But once the version comes out that does have that support, is it possible to receive data over bluetooth from both an external GPS unit and an OBD2 sender? Ideally I'd like to have an external GPS (e.g. Qstarz) for lap time accuracy and an OBD2 sender to log revs. What would be the best way to achieve this?

Phone: Galaxy S2



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    In the feature set of Qstarz BT-Q818XT, there's this statement:

    G-Mouse + Bluetooth in one: wired and wireless GPS receiver

    Does this mean that in theory I could connect it up to my phone through a cable so that Bluetooth can be used for OBD2?

    Will/can Racechrono support this setup?
  • I would've thought the ability to record both GPS position, speed and revs at the same time would be a popular demand; I'm surprised I'm not getting any responses. Unless I'm missing something and it's already easiliy achievable.
  • Bluetooth allows multiple devices to be connected at a time, so, that is not the case at all. The only thing currently missing is OBD2 support.
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    Thanks for your reply Rocas.

    OK, if that's the case, I guess this is where the gap in my knowledge was. I thought it was a single bluetooth connection at a time! If it's not, all good then; will go ahead and buy my BT GPS and OBD2 sender.

  • aolaol
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    Yep, multiple Bluetooth devices should work at same time. The reliability of this setup will depend on the devices used... Technical maximum is 7 devices, but at least on Symbian devices limit is in practice only 2 devices same time.
  • Would it be possible to allow OBD & GPS devices to be accessed via arbitrary TCP sockets (specifying host & port)?
    My previous setup involved connecting my phone (iphone at the time) to a WiFi access point and providing access to both GPS & OBD devices over the network. This opens up a wide range of devices to use, and provides better update rates.

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