Vehicle icon on map

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  • Hey,

    Currently the icon for your vehicle is an arrow.

    I know there are limitations in accuracy etc of the gps sensors, but how about a car shaped/sized icon? Maybe just user definable length/with box, with an offset for the position of where your GPS sensor is located in the vehicle.

    It would be nice to give a sense of scale for how much of a gap there is between various lines being taken, in terms of car width etc.

    Obviously not an important feature at this stage, but could be a nice touch perhaps, to help the driver visualise the overhead results into what he/she needs to do differently when in the car.
  • I agree with roncoa!
    Idea to show real dimensions of the car, bike or kart is simple beautifull ang great!
    Espesially when there is no internet connections and you don't see sattelite overlay.
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