Renaming sessions and session notes

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    I've used the preview3 last weekend at Alès in south of France with 5 Hz BT GPS receiver (Qstarz BT-Q1000EX) on my motorbike and it worked great, no problem, no bug. It was just not able to set the track automatically, but it was not a big deal to set it manually.

    I've a question: Is it possible to rename a session? That would be great. Also, on the wm version it was possible to set driver and notes for each session, would it be possible to have that on the android version. I just downloaded the playstore version and did not manage to access those feature? Am I just dump or are those features not yet implemented?

    Keeep up the good work, It's already a fabulous piece of software. All my friends and also strangers on the track with their alfano or starlane were first curious and then very impressed to see how well it works with minor hardware installation hassle.
  • Hi Capflamme, thank you for the feedback! Please download the new version from Play Store, it has many bugs fixed including the automatic track detection bug! The session naming is coming soon. I know it's important :) Thanks for spreading the word! :)
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