RaceChrono BB10


is there a version of RaceChrono provided on BB10 (http://apk2bar.unker.net/ doesn't work...)

Some tools for you : https://developer.blackberry.com/android/tools/ :)


(I'm french with a bad English ... sorry...)


  • Unfortunately BB10 doesn't support APK's that use native components made with Android NDK ... So RaceChrono will not work with BB10 without major work.
  • Thanks for the answer.

    So, no hope for a major work ?
    a "support" as membership will help you ? :D

    I like your apps...
  • Unfortunately it would be so big re-design, that I'm not willing to go there... I hope you buy some cheap Android device to be able to use RaceChrono! :)
  • Thanks ;)
    I still use my wife's cell phone for now...
    Blackberry is working on runtime 4.1... I hope...
  • Hello, I'm another French Blackberry OS10 user ...

    Is it any evolution on RaceChrono for Blackberry status ?

    Buying another smartphone is not my favorite option ...

    Thx in advance
  • Unfortunately no change here. The use of NDK is still preventing the BB10 support.
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