Incorrect timestamps in session file


I'm trying to compare a friend's data from a Nokia phone, and the odd thing is the session metadata says "Created,22/09/2011,09:28" but the timestamp data starts at 36105.285. Obviously those two don't quite match up (the timestamp is from Jan 1 11:01:45 1970!). Is that a known issue on older systems, or does it mean his phone time was set incorrectly, and if so, how was the session time correct?

Thanks, Tom


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    Probably phone time was set wrong, as the Symbian version metadata is phone date not gps date. The timestamp is seconds since current day start, not since 1.1.1970. In the CSV export the GPS date is not visible unfortunately, but in the app you can check the lap dates and times.
  • Ok, thanks. Guess I can infer the actual time a lap started from "session-start-time + (lap-start-timestamp - session-start-timestamp)" if I really care.
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    Not like that :-) The time stamp of the lap is the actual GPS time (in seconds) since the start of the day. So now you know the actual time. The actual GPS date you can see only from the app (lap list in time/date/info mode). RaceChrono saves the GPS dates too in the Symbian version, but only the the session start (in phone time), and timestamps in seconds get exported in .CSV.
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