v 0.95 beta

Looks really good :)
I don't know if it's a bug or it's supposed to be this way, but the date and time on the laps are all the same in each session?

And the "hide invalid laps" could that also be added to performance testing?


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    It's sort of bug, but not sure if I'm going to fix it :-) The session start time is used for all laps in old sessions. All new sessions recorded with 0.95 have the actual time and date the lap was started.

    I didn't bring any of the new mark/hide/notes features to Performance testing. Maybe when I have more time to invest in the Performance timing. So much to do for Lap timing...
  • Hi,

    as I just write to you an email, the best wishes for me is to have in real time a big screen with current time, best lap time, lap #, and freeze during across a split line :)

  • Thanks for suggestion Valentino, I'm pretty sure I'm going to fulfill that wish for the version that comes after v0.95!
  • Just a quick question about 0.95. How does acceleration & braking limit work under settings. I'm on a bike so the acceleration will be greater than a car and braking less so should I change the defaults ?
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    The limit is the brightest color (red for braking and green for acceleration). So if your setting for braking is 0.6G, that (or higher) amount of braking force is drawn with the brightest color. If the colors seem too dark, you should change them lower.
  • hkhk
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    Thanks for the great sw. Looking forward to the track sessions of this summer. First one done in Ahvenisto on thursday.
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