DANAS i2m Saving Problems ( Lost Splits/Finish Line Markers )

I might be me but I've tried several different times to save sessions with finish line and split markers but when I reopen the session they are all gone. The files are saved as .txt's and I'm using OS X 10.4.11.


  • I received this from DANAS support earlier.

    " The Danas software don't store the position of split and finishing line in this version, so you have to replace tem when you recharge the sessions.We are working on this point.

    I2M staff "
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    I haven't been able to save my finish lines as well with Danas either. I guess Danas team needs to fix that. How is the Danas export working for you apart from this problem?
  • Danas export is working really well, great job with beta 0.95. I love being able to see where all the accelerating, braking and idle throttle areas are, along with all the other data on a larger screen.
  • I've tried with DANAS 1,40 and Racechrono 096 exporting ALL LAPS,
    but danas don't sees my 18 laps, only a cumulate one.
    Where is my mistake?
  • Did you set the start/finish line on the software? It is not exported by RaceChrono, you need to set it separately.
  • I have been using Racechrono for about 12 months in Australia on 3 different circuits and this is excellent software! Recently, I've installed Danas on Mac and opened the exported .dat file. How do you set the start/finish?
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