Export to .vbo and "drop outs".

Hi there, I finally got all my gear together and tested RaceChrono 0.95 on my way to work today (don't worry, all within traffic laws). I exported a session to .vbo and wanted to have a look at it with the PerformanceBox software. When opening the data, the tool told me that I had drop outs and that I should repair the file. Now, I'm not concerned about the drop outs as such, as I had to stop in front of traffic lights here and there, so drop outs are to be expected. But I was wondering, why the PB-tool didn't display the speed graph properly. All I have are some vertical red lines. Are the drop outs the reason for that? Thing is, longitudinal g's seem to be displayed properly despite of the drop outs.

Apat from that everything seems to work flawlessly, btw. Great tool. :)


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    It's probably an axis scale problem:
    -Right click over the graph.
    -Select "Channel Scaling & Axis set-up".
    -Click on "Axis set-up" button.
    Now check "Autoscale" where you want, for example on speed (1st) and height (5th) rows. It should fix the problem ;)
  • That was it. :) Thanks a lot!
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