Qstarz 818 vs Qstarz 818 eXtreme

Hello all i'm very pleased with the utility. It made my trackdays awsome. A friend of mine who works in national bike magazine in Greece will make a review

I have found two gps receivers to change my Q810 1hz receiver but i don't know which one

Does both of them work in 5hz? What are the differences

Thank you


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    I don't know for sure which ones support 5 hz. Probably the 810 can't be adjusted to 5hz easily, not at least with the official software. I'd go for the 818 eXtreme to be certain. It's an excellent device!

    I'm very glad you like the software! Would be great to have a magazine review! :-)
  • do you know where i can buy the 818 extreme
    I can't find it
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    At least http://www.onboardcamera.it is selling for 89 euros. Unfortunately the web shop is still only in Italian, but the owner speaks very good English as well, so you could e-mail him. The receiver name is Qstarz BT-Q818 eXtreme, you might find other sources as well by Googling it.
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    I don't know how prices are where you live, but over here in Germany, the eXtreme is only 6 euros more than the regular 818. So there's really not much reason to get the regular one (although it should be able to support 5Hz, but you'd have to set it yourself with MiniGPS). I got my bt-q1000 at http://www.dantotec.de the 818 eXtreme is 84 euros there, but that's a german online shop, so you probably will be better off to buy it in your home country.
  • I found it on eBay. They are Canadian and list the product in BT-818X. The item description is exactly like the extreme and the photo has the USB mode. Look genuine. Cheap too. About $110 AUD (Australian) delivered.
  • I can deliver the Qstarz BT-Q818 eXtreme for € 80,00 without shipment costs.

    I am located in Holland. So if you have trouble to buy one in your own country, send my an email. (racesupplies@live.com)

    The receivers are brand new and are imported directly from the manufacturer.

    I have tried the receiver together with Racechrono on the racetrack and it works very good. A complete and cheap solution for laptiming and much more.
  • i bought it for 84 Euros plus 30 euros for shipment from dantotec. The device is great. Clemens only if you had post it earlier. Do you own a store? Website?
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    Try Canada,

    Dunno why they are so cheap. I am waiting for the package to come through. The other guy on eBay buying the same product said in the feedback of no problems...


    Since Qstarz is Taiwanese so I go to read some Chinese webpages for a change. I found this on the Yahoo Auction site.

    If you able to read chinese they are HK$699 ($90USD or 56 Euro) bidding and HK$850 to buy it now (no bidding). The shop claimed to be the Hong Kong distributer, but they are not shipping. Go figure. I paid CAD$90 for one and I thought I had the bargin of the century. :).
  • On this moment I don't have a website. I hope to open my own webshop in about one or two months.
  • Clemens when you do notify us.Only race stuff?
  • Racesupplies for motorcycles. Aftermarket products.
  • My friend has found an 10Hz bluetooth receiver. Can you let me know what you think about it?


    When I looked up the chipset it states that it's only 4Hz, can it possibly run at 10Hz?

  • I haven't tested the Wintec receiver, but I've done some research on it previously for my users. It has Atmel-uBlox ATR 0625 chipset that is really 4 Hz not 10 hz. It does "10 hz" by interpolating the 4 Hz data. It might be all right receiver, but certainly no 10 Hz.
  • Well, I've found this bit of information, it looks like it has some kind of 10Hz mode, the question is, if it's better than 5Hz receivers. http://www.internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?s=aacdd2f591205ca4fe412f498f426586&t=18932&page=2
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    It's still not real 10 Hz. It is 4 Hz that is interpolated by software to "10 Hz". The chipset can not do 10 Hz. It is not all about the Hz number, so I cannot tell if its better or worse than another brand.
  • Has not missed a beat on the 5Hz Qstarz 818 extreme. Lucky to see it is still one of the best out there.
  • It sure is still one of the best for this purpose.
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    hello All,

    you can do an hardware modification if you have a Qstarz 818 in order to may set the frequency to 5 hz. Just go *here*.
    these people are amazing, they have saved my life ;) i bought the 818 thinking it was a model with 5 Hz by default ;)

    I will test racechrono soon with this 818 modified!

    see you soon
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