Gps dongle - Export question

I read the most about the qstarz GPS modules, and a little bit less about te Garmin GLO. The Garmin GLO is only available in the United states? I live in Holland. I can buy the GLO on eBay. But it will take atleast 30 days to get the GLO here, and i need it the second week of August. So i was looking now for an alternative: Qstarz.

But qstarz have 2 GPS modules: BT-Q818XT And the BT-Q1000XT

Is the 818XT just a GPS logger(but with NO internal memory, no standalone logging?)
And the Q1000XT a Standalone GPS logger?

Both are 10 Hz, so for usage with Racechrono does not matter wich logger i use? is the 818XT or the Q1000XT newer?

Another question: Is there program for windows to import logged files?

I made a ".nmea" export. and i like it to import this file to watch my driving lines/speed/laptimes etc.

Kind regards!


  • Hi, Garmin GLO is available in Europe, it's available at least here in Finland at the biggest local electronics retailer. You are right about the difference between the QSTARZ models. The Garmin has superior data quality as it's able to pick up GLONASS satellites.
  • Aol: Can you give me the url to the webshop? I can get a BT-Q818XT for €60. And i gonna use the GPS module a few times a year.

    But the Garmin GLO is more future proof.
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