Sound Folder ?

Does anyone know what the Sound folder inside the RaceChrono folder is for ?


  • Sure. It is for a prototype feature, that I'm going to release later... :-)
  • edited July 2008
    A lap time announcement will be nice....

    "Congrats on the best time"

    "You are crap this lap"

    "You spun, go back to pit lane"
  • But I guess that in a race car you would need megaphone attached to phones speaker to be able to hear something... OK maybe headphone in helmet would be enough :)
  • I think could be useful to have acoustical sounds (like beep in high or low frequency) in order to understand (without looking at the display) if you are better than previous or best split while driving.
    Sometimes is not easy looking at the nokia while you're driving.....
  • The sounds (maybe voices) are definitely coming at some point.
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