OBD-II Channels request

Hello, thanks for the great app!

But i miss some ODB-II channels. The most important are “break pedal”, “gear number”, “steering angle”. I would appreciate if you could even support this.
My Car: Nissan GT-R

Best regards



  • Unfortunately the channels "brake pedal" "gear number" or "steering angle" do not exist in this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs

    Do you know they exist in some other app? I think brake pedal and gear number could possibly be calculated, but they would not be 100% accurate though. Steering angle is impossible unless there is a specific OBD-II channel for it.
  • They are most likely manufacturer specific. To that end, is there a way to manually add PIDs if we know the proprietary info?

    In the GM world, there is all sorts of nifty stuff (like brake PSI, gear position, accelerator pedal position (independent of throttle blade position), trans temp, etc.)
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    There is no way to add custom OBD-II channels (currently), but it's rather interesting to hear that there might be a need for this. Not sure how feasible it would be as a feature, as there are quite a few parameters needed to define a OBD-II channel...
  • I had a dedicated OBDII gauge display in my diesel F-250 ford that showed Gear number.

    See: http://www.edgeproducts.com/product.php?pk=145&pvk=405
  • Do you know if the gear number is calculated from the RPM vs. Speed or is there a OBD-II channel PID for this? Calculating can be done but it's not bullet proof.
  • I would like to jump in and thank you for the great job with racechrono... i started using it with just an android phone and found it great.. now coupled with a 10Hz gps and an OBD2 adapter is almost perfect.. i'd like too some additional logging, namely the steering wheel position (which i know is available is i can read it in the diagnostic software of the car, using a pc.. i found no apps that include it yet), and the brake position (but this is no racechrono problem.. i do not have the PID available, just the "on/off" status).
    So, +1 for the steering angle.. about the gear number, depending on the car there can be an ODB-II pid for it - usually auto/paddle shift/sequential gearbox ones.
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    Hi Smumble. The steering wheel angle is not standard OBD-II (nor is brake pedal position or gear number). Most cars have custom PIDs available, but they are different on every car make/model. Which car are you running and do you know the PID number for the steering wheel angle? Also is this brake on/off available through OBD-II? Do you know the details and PID? Gear number can be calculated from RPM/speed ratio, and I might do that in the future.
  • I was doing some testing with my OBDLink MX the other day and came here to ask the same question. In other apps like Torque Pro, I need to add a custom PID for Oil Temperature as the default one doesn't work.

    These are the settings I configure that app for:

    OBD2 Mode and PID: 2101
    Minimum Value: -40
    Maximum Value: 215
    Scale factor: x1
    Unit type: C
    Equation: AC-40
    OBD Header: 7E0

    Would be great if we could do something similar in RaceChrono!
  • I will add custom PIDs to my TODO list. Creating nice UI might be hard though...
  • Maybe allow custom PID's to be configurable via an XML or text file that people can edit or transfer to the device rather than having to spend time doing a fancy UI?

    I have a few custom PID's I use currently so happy to do beta testing with both the ODBLink and generic ELM device if you ever find time to do it :)
  • Being able to data log additional CANBUS PIDs is something that would make data analysis far better in race chrono. I would really like to log brake pressure, steering angle, individual wheel speeds etc

    hopefully this will be added in a future release
  • I'd like to add my +1 to this and logging PLX imfd sensors. Car doesn't have Oil Pressure so have a PLX sensor I'd love to log into Racechrono.
  • I'd also like to request this feature. This way we can talk to cars using their custom IDs. For example, here is a 29bit CAN 500baud 10 year old Honda.

    I can read the Brake Line Pressure through the Honda dealer tool which uses CAN so this can theoretically be integrated into RaceChrono with Custom PID support. I can also read the steering wheel angle. Which would also be nice to overlay into RC.

  • I would be also interested in custom OBD PID to get the oil temperature. I have the LX version of OBDLink.
  • Just wanted to +1 for this feature as well.

    Torque (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torquefree&hl=en) is doing it in a pretty nice way. Its worth looking at the UI they designed for custom PIDs


    PID Editor:

    To clarify the equation field:
  • +1
    Please !!
  • Hi.

    I just got my BT Obd2 reader which I`m using with my Triumph Daytona 675. The first tests worked perfectly.
    But would it be possible to add the gear indicator to the slow channels of the obd2 reader?

    Thanks in advance, great app ;)
  • Unfortunately the channels "gear number" does not exist in this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs

    It would need to be calculated from RPM vs. speed channels, which can be unreliable. I'll try that at some point, but the result will be somewhat worse than a real channel.
  • Any update on adding a Custom PID feature? In Torque Pro it is easy to add a custom PID so something similar in RaceChrono Pro would be good.
  • No ETA right now for this feature, but it's still something I'm planning to do!
  • Still hanging for a Custom PID feature. Any update?
  • No not yet, but I will make a road map for next year's major release soon...
  • Can you share the code? Happy to give it a go and make a Pull Request if you want.
  • Any update on implementing custom PID? If this can pull data like brake, steering angle, wheel speed (which are indeed available via OBD2), it'll be like having an Aim Solo.
  • Sorry for it taking this long to get around to this feature! I will be working soon on this, as this is a required part of another feature I'm doing this spring.
  • awesome, cant wait until the next release. what is this other feature if you dont mind sharing?
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