Lap Export selection

Not sure if im just using it correctly, but when trying to export a selection of laps, I can only export 1 lap (best, or selected) or ALL laps.
Is there way, or can it be added, to download mutiple selected laps in one batch? I only want 3-4 laps exported, Its very hard to trim down the laps I have recorded as there were 114 of them. Its very time consuming exporting then stitching them together once exported!
(ersion is 1.45 for windows mobile.)


  • Unfortunately there will not be any more updates on the Windows or Symbian versions. I'm now concentrating on the RaceChrono for Android!
  • Thats fine, I have the android version on my tablet and will be uprading my phone soon. Are the functions suggested already on the android version?
  • loggyboy: Not yet, but batch export is a good idea!
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