0.96 Beta

Thanks for the new beta version :)

Ran it for a 7-8 hour session today on my N82 with integrated GPS.
Everything went perfect :)
I really like the new display screen where you have the best laptime, the last and at the bottom the active one, think it works very good :)
But would it be possible to let it show more than 60 minutes?
I guess it will be several users that would like to have that, if you think of cycling, running, walking etc its often you have laptimes over 60 minutes.
If the reason why you have set it at 60 min, is that you want the numbers to be larger, then maybe you could chose in setup what you want.
And then take away the last digits instead?


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    Thanks for testing it so soon! There was a request from one race driver, that he does not want to see anything else than seconds and tenths for the lap times, as he knows rest, and he wants to see everything that is important quickly :-)

    So I guess I will have a setting to modify the behavior. Not sure what it would be called but options would be "Normal" / "Seconds only" / "Hours and minutes only". Any suggestions?
  • Its the standard display I prefer as well, you can go to the other ones if you want extra info.
    So its nice to have it as default as it is now I think.
    Not so important what you call it is it ;)
    I don't know, "Hours and Minutes" and "Minutes and seconds" or something.
    Guess you will see what fits best when you set it up :)
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    Yeah, I guess I'll make it configurable after I have given it a bit of thought :)
  • Ran it today again and it seems to work perfect on my N82.
  • I've made just minor tweaks for the v0.96 beta 3. Should run as well, just fixed some minor OBD-II and export issues.
  • I have sent a request to be a beta tester? could you join me?
  • Sure, you will be included in next beta build. :)
  • I'd like to be a beta tester.
    I used 0.95 in cheste circuit in a training motorcicle day and the sw performance was excellent.

    Now, I'd like to use an eval this sw in mtb bike races, testing battery duration with nokia 6110 and internal gps.

    Excellent product.
  • The v1.00 was released today, so no need to test the beta anymore. You can join the beta group for future versions, just email your IMEI code (dial *#06* to get it) to beta(at)racechrono.com
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