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Can RaceChrono be used to cover a touring trip over say 5 days giving time taken between stops, distance traveled altitude etc?


  • aolaol
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    Hi gary, it can but might be a bit clumsy, as I haven't really been thinking this use-case:

    1) You can start a session on first day, and on next days you can press 'Resume' at the top of the session screen (looks like a play button). This way you can record the whole tour to one session. Instead of one session per day.

    2) You can set up a track that has multiple starts and finishes, so each leg would appear as one lap in RaceChrono. You can even set/change the track after recording. If you set "Start line" and "Finish line" for each stop, only the legs will appear as laps and there will be no information about the stops. If you set every Start and Finish as "Start/Finish line" the stops will appear as laps too.

    3) RaceChrono will display the total recorded time and distance, but for each lap this information is not yet shown. This is something I'm going to improve.

    4) RaceChrono can record very long sessions. Five days touring should not be a problem in that respect.

    Let me know if there's something simple I can do to improve it :)
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