QSTARZ 818 XT GPS and iPAQ 114

I bought a QSTARZ 818 XT GPS antenna to connect with a HP iPAQ 114 classic.
It's impossible to have a stable connexion between these two devices. Only 1'50" connexion without any datas invoiced or received... and then... disconnected !
When I connect the Qstarz on my computer, everything goes well...
I have Racechrono v 1.45 standard for windows mobile 6, and even during the "apparently" 1'50" connexion, the software says "no connection to gps"...
I'm not a great technician... do you have guys a solution for me... please !!!


  • Maybe the bluetooth support on this device (the iPAQ) is not good enough. Connection with QSTARZ has been bulletproof for most devices, so I think the iPAQ is the culprit. Maybe time for a new device?
  • That's what I supposed aol... thanks for your support !!!
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