BMW e91 330d OBD coolant temperatur, how to log?

I hope you can help me with this issue. I would like to log the coolant temp. values with racechrono but it doesn't work. I can only log this OBD data: rpm, speed, vehilce standard (what ever this is...)
With the app torque I can See the coolant temp. But I want to use racechrono because its really perfect for laptiming.
I'm using a BT OBD II Reader ELM327 in combination with a Galaxy S3.
Best regards.



  • Hi beamer. Once the session is recording, click the "settings" icon on top of the screen. Open the 'Fast OBD-II channels'. It now shows you only the channels your car supports. You should be able to record these channels. Notice the bandwidth is shared between OBD-II channels, so more you select, the slower it gets to update.
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