Using RC for Bikes - Power Commander OBDII

I'm pretty new to all of this, have used the app once for a recent track meet and was well impressed! Have recommended to at least 10 ppl.

What we'd all like to know is can we connect via OBDII to a Power Commander (specifically the PC III USB )?

I'd like to obtain the extra data like RPM, throttle position etc.....



  • It should work with anything that implements OBD-II. Can't promise it will work for sure, as I don't have a Power Commander in my bike. But atleast I could try to fix it if there is some bug in RaceChrono that makes it not work.
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    Also you could ask from the guys of , if their reader works with Power Commander OBD-II? It's no problem for me fixing the bugs of RaceChrono, if the reader itself works. I'm sure I could fix any related problems in RaceChrono with just the log files ...
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