Make it easier to cycle through laps in "Analysis" mode

Currently on Android on the screen where I compare two laps in a session with many laps, if I open the dropdown it is not pre-scrolled. This makes selecting anything outside of the first ~14 laps hard.

I think it would be good to pre-scroll the dropdown so that the currently selected lap is as close to the middle of the screen as possible.
Another thing to consider would be adding buttons to go to next/previous lap, but it might be harder to fit on smaller screens.


  • Similarly, after selecting a certain lap on that screen, I think it would be logical to pre-scroll the list of laps to that lap if you go back / leave the "Analysis" mode.
  • edited June 2021
    Yep, the drop downs are not great. Not sure if they can easily "center", but the whole lap selection needs to be addressed the next time the Analysis screen is being worked.
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