Should I be able to get RaceChrono working with my MPVI2 OBD2 dongle? So far I've had no luck. Thanks!


  • Nobody has tried?
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    Nope. That is their own proprietary dongle with their own firmware etc.

    The obd devices for this need to be elm327 compatible.

    Mpvi2 doesn't have a compatibility mode for that.

  • ugh. I don't like their app, mostly because it doesn't integrate with external devices nearly as well as RaceChrono. Fortunately I've figured out how to use Track Addict and my MPVI2 at the same time as RaceChrono. That way I can control my GoPro and use my RaceBox Mini with RaceChrono, but still collect steering angle, accelerator position, brake pedal, gear, etc. with the MPVI2. Syncing the two data sources is actually pretty easy in Track Addict using the GPS times. But I also do enjoy the ability to make a quick video on the phone with RaceChrono.
  • I hear ya. One of my cars is a Gen3 LS, so trackaddict/MPVI2 works very well with it, but I much prefer RaceChrono.

    If you can reverse engineer the PIDs you want to log, you can define them manually in Racechrono. This is pretty into the weeds, but it is possible. I got this working with my cars and it allows me to capture everything in racechrono.
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    I'll probably have to delete this thread a bit later as it's about a competitor, but it can stay a while longer :) So trackaddict has some kind of database for the extended PIDs? Is it normal Ford/GM stuff or some larger database? It might be something for me to consider as well.
  • So of course HPtuners supports a huge library of vehicles for tuning and TrackAddict is one of their apps. Using their dongle, it provides a seamless transition from logging with their scanner software to their track software. It's a nice perk-- if you're already using HPtuners and that vehicle is well supported etc. It also appears to take advantage of DPID logging logging and the ability to request multiple PIDs with a single command etc.

    The database is all built into their software/owned by them of course. But the concept is neat and could be something for RC. Some pre built custom PID lists for popular ECUs/vehicles. I have a pretty extensive VW/Audi list that I would be happy to share, but that's probably pretty low on the popular car list :)
  • So far I've found no list of fancy PIDs for my C7, else I'd be using RaceChrono and the OBDLink MX+. The OBDLink didn't provide me anything useful on my car except for RPM. It did report accelerator position, but it wasn't on a scale that made any sense to me. The MPVI2 is very slow on update (can't seem to get above 4hz with only 1 PID being logged, drops to 2hz when you add more than 5 or 6 PIDs), but at least it gets me the data I'm looking for.
  • Dang, that's really slow, very surprising actually. I have a C5 and it's pre-CANBUS and I get better speeds than that with OBDLink MX and even much faster with the MPVI2. If you haven't already, you might connect the MPVI2 to VCM scanner and make sure it's running the latest firmware and such. For reference, I can get about 200 pid/s on my car with MPVI2.

    I'm totally out of the loop on C7 stuff, but if I come across some PID info for it, I'll let you know.
  • You may need a config file or OS change. I’d be very surprised if those numbers are correct. My mustang gets 400-500 PIDs/sec. The only problem with hptuners stuff is the limited expansion for other sensors. Which you can do. It requires additional licensing, but I’m not sure how well integration works.

    Also, I don’t see why they can’t open up the software to read other modules like the BCM or ABS modules. However, with how well the logging works with my car, I can’t complain.

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